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Dr Faiza Shaheen

Faiza Shaheen, prospective parliamentary candidate for Chingford & Woodford Green
Faiza Shaheen (photo by Tom Oldham)

Faiza grew up in Chingford and attended Chingford Church of England Primary School and Chingford Foundation School before going to Oxford University and subsequently becoming a highly respected expert on inequality. She has worked at the New Economics Foundation, Save the Children and until 2021, was Director of the policy think tank, CLASS. 

She is currently a Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics and regularly contributes to debates on television news programmes such as Newsnight and Channel 4 News. This year, Faiza published a book – Know Your Place – a personal and statistical look at how society and the economy are structured, and the ‘fairy tale’ of social mobility.

Faiza was first selected by the Labour Party to contest the Chingford & Woodford Green seat in 2018. She narrowly missed unseating Iain Duncan Smith in the 2019 election, despite achieving the biggest ever vote for Labour in our area. In 2022, she was re-selected by Labour to once again contest her home seat at the next general election.

With a margin of just 1,262, every vote will count at the next election – and with your support, we can help to make Faiza the next Labour MP for Chingford & Woodford Green.

Faiza’s official campaign website is at: 

To contact Faiza Shaheen, email:

Your Labour councillors in Chingford & Woodford Green

Across the Chingford and Woodford Green constituency we have brilliant Labour councillors with whom you can raise local issues or concerns.

Hale End and Highams Park South ward

Tony Bell, Chair of Climate Scrutiny at Waltham Forest Council

Rosalind Doré, Cabinet Commissioner for Destinations at Waltham Forest Council

HEHP Facebook page

Valley ward

Elizabeth Baptiste, Cabinet commissioner for Renters at Waltham Forest Council

Valley Labour Facebook page

Churchfields ward

Lloyd Duddridge, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Education at Redbridge Council

Rosa Gomez

Guy Williams
Twitter: @Guy__Williams 

South Woodford ward

Beverley Brewer

Joe Hehir

Saiqa Qayum

There are no Labour councillors in Chingford Green, Endlebury, Larkswood or Monkhams wards.

Marking Black History Month

Black History Month flyer

Join us in marking Black History Month with the examination of the imprints of slavery and its legacy in our locality.

The event takes place on:

Tuesday, October 13, 7.30-9pm, via Zoom.

Hosted by our former Parliamentary candidate Dr Faiza Shaheen, speakers include:

  • Andreena Leeanne, out and proud Black working-class Lesbian Poet & Inspirational Speaker from Waltham Forest. She is the founder of the Poetry LGBT Open Mic.
  • Peter Ashan author of Freedom Walk: The Roots of Diversity in Waltham Forest, who will talk about Transatlantic slavery and his ‘Freedom Walk’ around local places connected to slavery, the struggle against racism from the sixteenth century to the present day.
  • Local activist and CWG Young Labour member Fiona Lali will discuss the BLM movement in Chingford.
  • Abdul Maalik Tailor is widely respected for his Islamic history guided walks around our locality. He will talk about the history of the Muslim community in our area.

Register in advance here:

Online Event: Bad Education, Tuesday 18 August

Chingford and Woodford Green Young Labour present this online event on Tuesday 18 August. Young members will be joined by local teachers to discuss the A-level results fiasco (and this week’s GCSE results) and how the Conservatives have undermined education services since 2010.

Everyone is welcome, especially young people, to discuss how the Tories have failed a generation and how we can fight back. Join the event on Zoom at 7pm on 18th August:

Bad Education - CWG Young Labour flyer

Get in touch with your Labour councillors

Across the Chingford and Woodford Green constituency we have six brilliant Labour councillors with whom you can raise local issues or concerns.

Valley Ward: Cllr Elizabeth Baptiste. Get in touch on social media here or email:

Hale End & Highams ParkWard: Your HEHP councillors have a new Facebook page where you can get in touch here: Or you can contact the three councillors individually:
– Cllr Tony Bell:
– Cllr Zia-Ur Rehman:
– Cllr Rosalind Dore:

Churchfields Ward: Contact Cllr Rosa Gomez –
South Woodford Ward: Contact Cllr Beverley Brewer –

There are no Labour councillors in Larkswood, Chingford Green or Endlebury Wards.

Concerns about the future redevelopment of Whipps Cross Hospital and the post-Covid NHS

Written by Norma Dudley, Hatch, Hale End & Highams Park Labour and Waltham Forest Save Our NHS

Waltham Forest Save Our NHS are holding a public meeting about the Whipps Cross re-development on Wednesday 22 July at 8pm. For more details and to join the meeting, visit the Facebook page here.

The Covid 19 pandemic has shown us that sufficient hospital capacity is vital for our community, which is why we need to consider the redevelopment of Whipps Cross Hospital right now.

Pre Covid, Whipps Cross hospital was running at 98 to 99% bed occupancy, sometimes with no free beds. NICE guidance states that once bed occupancy goes above 90%, infections, re-admissions and increased mortality are likely. Whipps was thus already an overstretched hospital.

In May 2020 Barts Health NHS Trust provided an update on the Redevelopment Plans with 51 fewer beds for the new hospital than we have now.

The justification for this proposed bed reduction is in 2 documents:

  • The Integrated Care Strategy, which aims to show how improved community services will reduce numbers of A+E attendances, emergency admissions and average length of hospital stay. This beguiling strategy has several flaws: significantly the methodology employed to analyse the data is flawed suggesting that Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group spends more on acute care and less on primary care than its comparator boroughs in North East London. However this spend is analysed only as a proportion of the Waltham Forest overall budget. In real terms Waltham Forest CCG spends less on both acute, primary and all other forms of health care than its comparator boroughs because it receives less funding; it is not overspending on hospital care.
  • The Whipps Cross Health and Care Services Strategy reveals a plan for the hospital to become a Centre of Excellence for the care of frail older people, with appropriate specialist surgery .This plan notes that 69% of  current admissions to Whipps are people over 65, yet aims to reduce hospital admissions by 1 in 8 and reduce length of hospital stay by 1.25 days. Improved hospital and community care are vital, but their role in bed reduction is not evidenced; older people are more likely to have multiple conditions, and people with complex conditions stay in hospital 3.5 times longer than those with none.The assumption of reduced admissions and length of stay are highly risky.

There is no evidence that the new plans will reduce A+E attendances, whereas there is much evidence to demonstrate that discharging patients too soon often leads to re-admission.

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine suggests that demand reduction is difficult because there is no evidence to support the suggestion that many people turn up in A+E unnecessarily;  they (the RCEM)  demonstrate that increased  A+E attendance is intrinsically linked to population growth.

Waltham Forest Save Our NHS and 5,000 local residents who signed our petition consider it is a great risk that Barts are planning fewer beds in the new hospital, based on an untested , aspirational strategy for improved care in the community that does not take into account issues like underfunding of community resources.

Find out more about Waltham Forest Save Our NHS and upcoming events by clicking on the image above.

Covid-19 Mutual Aid: You are NOT on your own

Formal Labour meetings have been suspended due to Covid-19, and look likely to be suspended for the foreseeable future. Much of our work has moved onto online or social media platforms.
Churchfields Covid-19 group logo with text reading "You are not on your own. Together we can help each other".

Politics is about community, solidarity and love and your local party is here to support members during this crisis. If you are poorly or self-isolating, and in need of help with shopping or picking up medication, or if you feel isolated and need someone to talk to we are here for you.

As well as helping members, Chingford & Woodford Green Labour teams are organising in our community to help their neighbours and fellow residents. In every part of the borough, activists have initiated or are working with existing Covid-19 support groups reaching out to the elderly and vulnerable in our community.

There are active Mutual Aid groups in Larkswood & Valley, Churchfields, South Woodford, Monkhams, Highams Park and Chingford Green & Endlebury. If you need support or would like to get involved as a volunteer, you can find the contact for your local group in Waltham Forest here and in Redbridge here.

Chingford & Woodford Green Labour is proud to be part of this brilliant community and will do our best during the crisis to help wherever we can.

Please note that most national Labour Party staff are also working from home. This means that the inbound phone line is closed. Support will continue to be provided by email. For any issues relating to membership such as changes of contact details please email

Jeremy Corbyn In Chingford With Faiza Shaheen – Saturday 28th September 2019

Wow! What a brilliant day! Thank you to everyone who came to Chingford Mount to welcome Jeremy Corbyn to the manor. Standing alongside our brilliant candidate, Faiza Shaheen, we are so proud he chose our area to announce that Labour would scrap Universal Credit, which has heaped misery and destitution upon tens of thousands. Our positive campaign is changing hearts and minds and we are sooooo ready for the election when it comes. A big thank you to Rav and all our brilliant volunteers and activists who made the day such a joy. Jeremy’s last words? Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be back

Tackling Knife Crime In Chingford – 11th April 2019

There have been three knife crime incidents in Chingford in the past few days. We are all very concerned about increasing violence in the area and across London.

We’re calling an urgent meeting to discuss action with Ahsan Khan, the local councillor overseeing work on youth crime as well as Kiri Tunks, joint president of National Education Union, and Dez Brown, former youth worker and CEO of the outreach and rehabilitation initiative Spark2Life, and of course our PPC Faiza Shaheen.

This is an opportunity for you to voice your concerns and hear about what needs to be done going forward.

Chingford Labour Selects Faiza Shaheen As Next Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Update by Gary Lefley – Chair – CWG Labour

Dear All,

It’s an exciting time for Labour in Chingford and Woodford Green.
On July 15, at our largest members’ meeting for many years, you chose Faiza Shaheen to be our new prospective Parliamentary candidate.

In an election contested by a host of talented and experienced candidates, Faiza – who was nominated by all our branches – was elected on the first count with a large majority.

Faiza was raised in a working class family in Chingford, educated at Chingford Foundation School and had her first job at Greggs, the bakers, in Chingford Mount. She won a place at Oxford University where she achieved a 1st Class Honours degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics. She then went to Manchester University where she was awarded a PhD.

She is now a leading economist and director of the trade union-backed think tank CLASS and helped to draft parts of Labour’s highly acclaimed election manifesto.

Her journey from Chingford through the Oxbridge establishment convinced her of the need to fight inequality and champion the community where she grew up. Coming from the same school as David Beckham and Harry Kane, as the football chant goes, she’s one of our own.

As chair of our constituency, I found her to be a woman of principle and humility. Despite her talents, she was not interested in being gifted a “safe seat” – her heart was set on representing the people and the constituency in which she grew up, where she has roots and where her politics come from.

She knows the people, the demography and the culture; she understands the varying and complex needs of Chingford & Woodford Green and the campaign we’ll need to wage to win it from the Tories.

A super communicator and campaigner, Faiza will be a formidable candidate. With a slender majority of 2,440, and the Lib-Dems and Greens polling 3, 247 votes between them, the Tories and IDS are teetering on the brink. With Faiza, and your steadfast support, we can turn Chingford red.

2018 AGM

Our recent AGM enjoyed the largest delegate participation for 15 years. This reflected the increase in grassroots membership since 2015, a growth in branch activism over the past 12 months and a corresponding upsurge of participation in the democratic structures of our local party.

At the AGM, we celebrated a rapid expansion in our campaigning activities and successes over the past year.
We have doubled the number of branches within the constituency and re-established our women, ethnic minority and youth forums. The average attendance at General Committee meetings has increased from eleven delegates between 2003-2015 to a remarkable 38 in 2017/18!

Political discussions have included everything from the crisis facing the local NHS and improving transport links for Chingford Mount; to the Picture House Strike and the political situation in Palestine. Speakers included high profile figures such as Matt Wrack, general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union, who addressed us on the issue of the terrible tragedy at Grenfell Tower.

We made good progress in the local elections with a net gain of four councillors – including two in the Redbridge part of the constituency where voters have never been represented by Labour – and a significant increase in our vote share across the constituency.

Our new website and expanded use of social media is increasing our engagement with the electorate, especially young voters. There are numerous other recent initiatives which, again, I detail in the chair’s report.

At the AGM, I was re-elected as chair, as were secretary Aktar Beg; vice chair Naomi Wimborne Idrissi; women’s officer Helen Watson and treasurer Cathy Burns. Alex Heslop is the newly-elected vice chair-membership.

Of the other ten elected posts, nine were uncontested. The new ethnic minorities forum organiser is Nadia Amara.
The development of the party locally reflects the national picture since 2015 and re-elected officers are humbled that our leadership has been endorsed by general committee delegates.

With Faiza Shaheen as our Parliamentary Candidate, we are well placed to move forward in concert with the leadership and policies of the party, to take on and defeat the Tories locally and nationally, and that is our paramount concern.

I am driven by the conviction that if the east London Labour movement mobilises all its resources in support of our historic mission to Unseat IDS, then Faiza will end the local Tory dynasty of Churchill, Tebitt and Duncan Smith and join Jeremy Corbyn in forming the next Labour government.

By campaigning to implement our brilliant manifesto, For the Many, Not the Few, we will help change local peoples’ lives for the better in health, education, housing and transport.

I look forward to working with you to make that change happen.

Gary Lefley
Chingford & Woodford Green CLP

Local Elections 2018

All over CWG in the lead up to the local elections we canvassed, leafletted, telephoned and worked at our campaigning till’ the sun went down (and often into the night!). We would like to thank everyone who helped us in our work.
We ran a positive campaign focussing on issues – whilst the local Tories chose to focus on nasty tactics, 6 leaflets of lies through each letter box, and slander of our candidates on social media. We refused to let it get us down and continued with our hard work which saw us return Labour councillors to some of our wards – and increased the Labour vote in our others.

In Hale End & Highams Park our one and only Labour councillor Tony Bell was re-elected, and this time joined by 2 new Labour councillors – Rosalind Dore and Zia-Ur Rehman. We could not have hoped for a better result.

In Churchfields the first ever Labour councillor was elected. After some tough competition Rosa Gomez was able to become the first ever Labour councillor. This is a brilliant result which demonstrates the hard work by all involved.

In Valley we returned a Labour councillor – Liz Baptiste. This means we retained our seat in Valley, giving us the opportunity to continue to represent Valley residents.

In wards Hatch Lane, Chingford Green, Endlebury, Larkswood and Monkhams we worked hard and increased the Labour vote. This gain is laying the ground for our future successes. There is much work to be done all over CWG, and year upon year we plan to chip away at the Tory stronghold on our area.