#UnseatIDS Festival 15th September 2018

A two-day festival of campaigning, music, comedy and speeches – to #Unseat Iain Duncan Smith whenever an election is called.

IDS is the architect of some of the Tories’ cruellest policies. And we have him on the run. Leaked messages show that IDS is terrified that we will #Unseat him after our last campaign day >> buzzfeed.com/alexspence/these-leaked-whatsapp-chats-show-iain-duncan-smiths-pleas

IDS helped design cuts which devastated the lives of disabled people. Humiliating and distressing work capability assessments. The bedroom tax. Attacks on the low-paid.

In 2015, IDS had a majority of over 8,300. It’s now less than 2,500. With a big push, Iain Duncan Smith will lose his seat. Chingford and Woodford Green: LABOUR GAIN – imagine those words flashing up on your TV screen. And it will be down to you.

We’re going to do something exciting: a two day #Unseat festival. As well as knocking on doors to win people over, we’re going to have music, comedy and speeches.

IDS is rattled, he’s scared, because we have him on the run – and he knows we can #Unseat him when an election is called. Spread the word!

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Grenfell – Fight For Justice Talk

Join us on Monday 26th March for special guest speaker Mark Wrack.

Matt Wrack, the General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union has been a tireless campaigner in the fight for justice for those who have died and those left homeless. The Grenfell Tower fire broke out on 14 June 2017 at the 24-storey Grenfell Tower block in North Kensington. Tragically it caused 71 deaths. More than 250 London Fire Brigade firefighters and 70 fire engines were involved from stations all across London in efforts to control the fire.

This fire has laid bare many of the lies about social housing today, outsourcing and the drive for profits have put social housing tenants lives on the line in the name of a discredited market ideology.

Jeremy Corbyn on Grenfell:

“I feel very angry that it was possible for the fire to spread in the way it did. I feel very angry that so many have lives have been lost when the system didn’t work.
“The many residents I met today are very angry too; their concerns about the building were not responded to and their questions were not answered.
“I would like to give thanks to the firefighters who risked their lives to save the lives of others, and the police and the paramedics who did the same.
“Some hard questions need to be answered. It cannot be right that in the 21st century a fire like this happens.
“It’s the responsibility of Government to tell us why the lessons of Camberwell, Southampton and Shepherds Bush have not been learned.

“There must be a proper ministerial statement in the Commons when the Commons is once again sitting and the Government must also immediately make sure the families affected have the resources they need.”

Video of Matt speaking:

London – Ultra Low Emission Zone

Sorting the FACT… from the fiction. What does the proposed extension of the Ultra Low Emission Zone ULEZ mean for C&WG?

London has the lowest air quality in the UK and the highest rate of children with chronic asthma. 10,000 Londoners die every year as a consequence of low air quality: Doing nothing about pollution is not an option.

The Mayor for London is planning to introduce ULEZ up to, but not including, the North Circular from October 2021. This means there will be a charge for vehicles that do not meet clean air standards.

Recent data from Transport for London indicates that Waltham Forest will benefit more than any other London borough from an extended ULEZ with a reduction in key pollutants of up to 34%. and a 71% reduction of schools in high pollution areas.

C&WG support efforts to clean up London’s air. We also support the Labour Party’s call for Government to fund a generous scrappage scheme for all non-compliant vehicles, continued investment in public transport and other efforts to improve air quality.

There is no easy answer to the problem of toxic air in our community. But we must act now, and call for national government support to ensure everybody benefits from cleaner air.

Standup For Labour – Thursday 7th December 2017


Stand up for Labour holds its first event for Chingford & Woodford Green Labour Party at the Bojangles Brasserie (1 Old Church Road, Chingford, London E4 6SJ) featuring three fantastic performers raising funds for the #UnseatIDS campaign.

Arthur Smith is known as a ‘Grumpy Old Man’ but he has brought joy to many Labour supporters in the past five years, including at the first ever Stand up for Labour in July 2012. Comedy legend Arthur has appeared on every TV show you can think of and is also an accomplished writer and playwright.